How to Make Your Hair Curly

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How to Make Your Hair Curly: Spilling the Secrets on Getting Bouncy, Shiny Spirals

A mane of soft, bouncing curls is the look that everybody wants. However, not everyone is blessed with natural curls. Luckily, you can fake them.

Are you trying to learn how to make your hair curly? It’s never been easier to get look-at-me spirals that give you a full, luxurious head of curls. There are two ways to approach the quest for curls. The first is to use methods for how to make straight hair curly temporarily. This is great for being able to switch between curls and your normal look. The second is to focus on techniques for how to make your hair naturally curly permanently. Take a look at tips and tricks for how to make your hair curly that cover the whole spiral of options!

Stop Washing Your Hair All the Time

This first tip is the simplest one of all. Many people who are bored with their straight hair don’t realize that they’re actually keeping any chance of forming natural curls away by washing their hair too frequently. Shampoo dries hair out. The sulfates found in nearly all shampoos actually strip hair of the natural oils that produce volume, shine, and movement. The extra weight from shampoo molecules that stay in your hair also keeps hair too heavy to form natural waves. The easiest way to allow your hair to produce some natural waviness is to simply put the brakes on daily washings. Try swapping your full-on shampooing for a rinse in some lukewarm or cold water instead. Many people who believe that they have pin-straight hair with no hope for curls are surprised to learn that they actually have some natural waves once they stop washing their hair with shampoo every single day.

Put the Blow Dyer Away

The art of letting your hair simply air dry without any intervention from towels or blow dryers is the secret to getting curls to form naturally. Yes, even drying your hair with a towel as soon as you hop out of the shower will sop up natural oils to prevent curling. Hair dryers punish your hair under harsh heat to evaporate any moisture that could create natural curls. While drying your hair does scare away the curls, the one thing it doesn’t scare away is frizz.

Spritz a Little Sea Salt on Wet Hair

Have you ever noticed that your hair gets “beachy” curls whenever you swim in the ocean? That’s not mermaid magic. It’s simply the power of sea salt. The reason why sea salt makes hair curly and wavy is that the salt is attracted to water molecules in the hair. When salt attaches to hair, it gently dries it out to create a textured effect. In addition to bringing out natural waves, sea salt will also create glamorous volume.

Use Eggs to Make Your Hair Curly

This one is an old-school method for how to make your hair curly naturally without any artificial treatments, perms, or heat. Eggs are full of nutrients that actually help to enhance your hair’s texture to bring out curls. A natural substance called lutein that is abundantly present in eggs is what helps to turn hair curly.

The best way to use eggs to make your hair curly is to create a simple egg mask. After washing your hair normally with shampoo, beat three to four eggs together. Be sure to completely smooth and detangle your hair to avoid frizz. Next, part your hair in several sections to allow your roots to be exposed. You can then apply the eggs all over your hair using a “scrunching” motion that helps the eggs stick to your hair follicles. Pop a shower cap on to let the eggs sit for 30 to 40 minutes. Finally, wash your hair normally with shampoo again before allowing it to air dry.

Use Soft No-Heat Hair Rollers

Many people who have pursued curly hair have terrible memories of using foam rollers that create a tangled mess that still leaves your hair flat after setting for a full night! Sleeping with hard, round rollers attached to your head is beyond uncomfortable. The good news is that those old curlers are out. The world has upgraded to heatless overnight hair rollers that use sponge foam instead of hard plastic. Using a product like the popular Aimin Hair Soft Overnight Hair Rollers, anyone can sleep comfortably on their pillow before waking up to natural curls with staying power.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Wash your hair normally with high-quality, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Fully smooth out hair by removing tangles with a wide-toothed before rinsing out the conditioner.
  • Allow hair to air dry.
  • Next, use the soft hair rollers to create curls. Working some mouse or argan oil into each strand as you roll up your curls can help to enhance the effect!
  • Finally, simply unroll your curls in the morning!

If you usually use a curling iron to achieve curls, you’ll love how much time you can save in the morning by simply waking up with a full head of curls instead. You also don’t If you usually use a curling iron to achieve curls, you’ll love how much time you can save in the morning by simply waking up with a full head of curls instead. You also don’t have to deal with the notorious “burning” odor created by a curling iron. Finally, the big perk with these curl makers is that they are lightweight and portable enough to ensure that you can have curls on vacation without the need to lug around heavy styling equipment. If you don’t want to take the time to weave each individual foam curler into your hair at night, consider something like the Heatless Curling Rod Headband that allows you to get every stand with one tool.

Use an Auto Curler

We’ve come a long way from the “wand” curling irons that required you to wrap each individual strand. Auto curlers create perfect curls using intelligent curling that doesn’t require any skill or fancy hand movements. Products like the ultra-popular CONAIR Curl Secret draw hair into a chamber to be gently held using timed heat for strong, enduring curls. The perk here is that you can create loose, medium, or tight curls easily without having to manually size your curls the way you do with rollers. If you’re more interested in how to get mermaid waves instead of spiral curls, consider using a three-barrel curling iron like the MODVICA 3 Barrel Curling Iron.

Use a Home Perm

The easiest way to get long-lasting curls is to use a home perm kit. A home perm will give you enduring curls for three to six months. Keep in mind that you’ll get stronger, longer results if your hair already has some natural waves. The nice thing about a perm from a box is that it doesn’t trap you in a box. You can choose large benders for soft-body waves, medium benders for medium waves, and small benders for tighter curls.

Get the Right Cut

Some cuts are kinder to curls than others. Yes, that means that you may actually be wearing the wrong type of haircut if you can’t seem to make your hair curly. A straight, blunt cut makes it hard to see waves in your hair. A layered cut is the best option for creating visible waves and curls.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Your Hair Curly Naturally

You can’t change nature. While there’s no trick for how to make your hair naturally curly permanently without using some sort of heat or perm treatment, there are plenty of ways to enjoy beautiful results with some staying power. The most important thing to remember about how to make straight hair curly is that anything that weighs down, strips, or dries out hair is going to rob it of the natural oils and moisture needed for curls to form.

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