How to Get More Volume in Curly Hair

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Are you wondering how to get more volume in curly hair? People with curly hair are used to being told that taming their locks is the only way to be “in style.” However, the trend of bigger being better definitely applies to curls these days! Yes, curly hair is typically more voluminous than straight, flat hair by default. That doesn’t mean that curly hair can’t still look “flat.” This is where having some tricks up your sleeve for plumping up curls makes all the difference. Take a look at easy tips for adding volume to curly hair.

Start With the Right Cut

Embracing “natural curls” doesn’t mean you have to accept where your curls naturally land. Controlling the blueprint of your curls with a strategic cut is one of the best ways to add volume to your curls with very little effort. Yes, curly hair can be layered. You can create volume by getting rid of flatness at the top of the head. Next, consider thinning out the bottom to avoid heavy, bulky curls that concentrate volume at the ends instead of allowing you to enjoy a lifted look. Do your research to find a hairstylist specializing in curly hair!

Use Clips at the Roots

Are you wondering how to get more root volume in curly hair? A little scaffolding is the best way to lift hair from the roots. If you’ve ever suffered from the look of a wet, flat “blanket” that happens when curls dry flat against the scalp, you’ll really appreciate this tip. Some high-quality “duckbill” clips can provide great scaffolding for lifting the roots without hassles. First, add clips to hold up individual curls at the root to get them away from the surface of the scalp. The clips should be applied while standing “on edge” instead of being placed into the hair “flat.” Once your hair is dry, simply remove the clips. Clips should be worn for at least 20 minutes while your hair is drying. Be sure to gently massage the roots with your fingers instead of brushing out the effect!

Use Products to Create Structure

Many people with curly hair find that “volumizing” products ultimately end up weighing hair down to make it even flatter than it was before they applied any products. There’s actually a great workaround solution for this problem. The trick is to stop using traditional curl sprays. You should pivot instead to mousses and foam products. These products are better than sprays because they aren’t wet. What’s more, they have an airy texture that seeps into hair without matting it down. The best way to use a mousse or foam product is to work it into your roots using a lifting motion. Next, add some to the ends to help make your curls more defined. The beauty of mousses and foams for curly hair is that they add volume while also fighting frizz. The other bonus is that they wash out easily without leaving you with sticky, crunchy curls.

Sleep With a Pineapple

No, not an actual pineapple! Have you heard of the “high pineapple” hair technique? The pineapple method for adding volume to hair involves putting a high, loose ponytail on top of your head before you go to bed at night. The trick here is to avoid putting your hair into a tight ponytail because tightness often leads to creases. Your loose ponytail should also be secured with a satin scrunchie instead of a hair elastic.

The reason why sleeping with a high pineapple creates volume is because it prevents the frizzing, knotting, and flattening that all occur while you’re sleeping with your head on a pillow. This technique ensures that only the back and sides of your hair will make contact with your pillow as you toss and turn in the night. You’re also getting the benefit of having your hair lifted from the scalp for a solid eight hours. The result is that you’ll wake up with high-volume hair once you take down your ponytail.

Use a Clarifying Product

If your curly hair is flat at the roots, it’s possible that product buildup from shampoos, conditioners, creams, oils, and moisturizers is simply weighing it down. This can be the case even if you’re diligent about washing your hair regularly. Consider using a clarifying product once every two weeks to get rid of the “gunk” that could be flattening your roots to prevent natural bounce and volume! Many people actually find that volumizing products for curly hair work better after they use clarifying products because they get a “clean slate” effect.

Tease Your Curls With a Pick

This is an easy, natural way to increase volume that can be done throughout the day. Simply place the pick close to the ends of your hair. Next push the hair up toward the root. Do this throughout all of the sections of your hair. If you have tighter curls, the pick can actually be inserted at the roots. You’ll then gently pull the pick up toward the ends to loosen up the curls closer to your scalp.

Change Your Part While Drying Your Hair

This is another no-fuss hack for adding volume to your hair. One great rule to remember is that you should never allow your hair to dry with your part in its “usual” spot. What does this mean? Allowing your part to dry in its usual spot will inevitably cause your hair to go flat at the roots. The easiest way around this is to simply flip your part out of alignment while your hair is drying. Drying your part in the opposite direction will keep the hair lifted. Once your hair is dry, you can reposition your part to be where it should be to enjoy a look with more volume.

Wash Your Hair in the Sink Instead of the Shower

Have you ever noticed that your curls look fuller after you’ve had your hair done at the salon? While your hairdresser may just have the magic touch, there’s also another possibility behind why your hair has so much volume after a trip to the salon. Have you ever noticed that hairdressers always wash your hair in the sink? Washing your hair in the sink helps to achieve more “lift” at the roots when compared to the shower or tub. The reason why is that water isn’t “beating down” on your roots. You’re instead allowing the water to hit your roots at the base of your scalp. You don’t necessarily have to wash your hair in the sink every time to achieve the magic of “sink washing.” Try simply tipping your head forward when you’re rinsing your hair in the shower to allow the water to run over your roots instead of washing down over the top of your head.

Use Extensions

You can also consider “cheating” as one of the ways to give your curls extra volume! Yes, clip-in extensions can instantly lift and expand your curls to create a fuller look. The beauty of using clip-in extensions is that you don’t have to deal with the maintenance required to keep permanent curly extensions looking neat. When using clip-in extensions to add volume to curly hair, it’s important to use the same principles for adding volume that apply when using any kind of styling technique. Avoid adding volume only to the bottom of your hair. This can actually create a flat, dull look. Clip-in extensions can be strategically added to the top of your curls to create a cascading effect for evenly distributed volume. You can even use curly extensions to lift your roots.

Dye Your Hair

One trick for how to get more volume in curly hair is to create an optical illusion! Did you know that darker hair colors can actually make curls appear flatter? Changing to a lighter color can give off the appearance of bigger, bouncier curls. In addition, using highlights at the top of the head can make curls look bigger and fuller at the roots to create that high-volume look you crave.

Use a Diffuser

A simple diffuser attachment on your hairdryer can make all the difference. The diffuser method is different from traditional drying because it spreads the air over a wider area using a more controlled method. A traditional hairdryer will flatten curls as it dries your hair. By contrast, a diffuser allows you to maintain your natural curl pattern. A diffuser also protects against frizz!

Getting Extra Volume in Curly Hair Is Possible With a Few Simple Hacks

These simple tips for giving your curly hair more volume are easy to work into your regular hair routine. The other benefit is that they are all gentle on your hair. That means that you don’t have to worry about “punishing” your hair to get it to do what you want. High-impact curls are just a few minutes away once you start building volume from the roots!

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